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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I get availability serial number?

2. To correct wrong selection of classification or name.

3. How do I register my Business without using an agent?

4. How do I create account?

5. Procedure for self registration of Business.

6. To get started

7. I paid for name search via remita. What is the next step?

8. How to correct name after approval.

9. How to download completed form on the Portal.

10. What are the procedures for registering an NGO?

11. Inability of accredited user to log in.

12. How to register a company with the name of an existing Business Name .

13. How can I get consent code?

13. Who qualifies as a deponent with regard to Section E of CAC1.1

14. What are the website address for the Registration and Document Upload?.

15. How does one pay for the Commission's services?.

16. How does one upload and submit incorporation documents?.

17. How does one correct an application after payment?.

18. How does one use Accreditation Number?

19. What does one do where the proprietor’s name appear in multiple times?

20. What does one do if a name is denied in error?

21. How does one resolve a query online?

22. How does one apply for a refund?

22. What does one do where a name is wrongly entered?

23. What is the implication of creating a public user account?